17th TSHL Austin Annual Orientation/Training

The 17th TSHL met in Austin for a Training Session October 29, 2017, through November 1, 2017. At the Wyndham Garden Hotel. All members were encouraged to attend. Registration was held on Sunday afternoon, Oct. 29 from 1:00 PM to 4:00 PM, at the Lakes Foyer. At 4:30 PM the TSHL Executive Committee met in the Executive Learning Center. All members were welcomed to attend but would not be voting members and new members were especially welcome. This meeting was followed by an open evening to get acquainted at a Casita Suite near the pool. Monday morning, breakfast was served in the Lake Travis Room, followed by the opening session in Lake LBJ Room which opened with a presentation on Effective Committee Meetings. Following this presentation, a multi-part presentation on the Resolution Process was given by Speaker Walter Graham and former Speaker Pat J. Porter, currently Technology Chair and PRRP chair. A reception began at 6:30 in the Lake Travis Room with lots of fun activities.

Tuesday morning, October 31, began with breakfast in the Lake Travis Room. Presentations addressing Advocacy with the State Legislature, How a Bill becomes a Law, and How to Track bills on Texas Legislature Online followed. After lunch, topics included the role of the Area Agencies on Aging working with TSHL; recruiting members; reimbursement and tax deductions for expenses; identifying and researching issues for resolutions, resolution support; and effective communications. Dinner followed in the Lake Travis Room along with a demonstration of a Scantron machine for counting votes at the Legislative Session.

Wednesday morning, November 1, commenced with breakfast in the Lake Travis Room. Administrative Committees then met and discussed their responsibilities in TSHL. After a short break, the Legislative Issues Committees met and did the same. At 11:00 AM, all members reconvened in the Lake LBJ Room for the Closing Session.

Tentative dates for the upcoming Spring Executive Committee meeting and the 2018 Legislative Session and details of those meetings will be posted to the TSHL calendar as soon as possible. Pending future confirmation, the 2018 Legislative Session will be housed at the Wyndham Garden Hotel in Austin from April 22 to April 27, 2018. The full TSHL membership will convene their legislative meeting at the Capital on April 23, 2018, on the floor of the House of Representatives.

TSHL Goals

  • Promote Good Government: Motivate, engage and educate older Texans in the legislative process
  • Encourage voice: Inform and educate older Texans to become viable political voices and forces
  • Provide Opportunity: Offer the avenue for older Texans to serve as a resource to public and private sectors on aging issues and concerns
  • Model Legislative Forum: Develop a non-partisan forum for discussion, debate and prioritization of issues facing aging Texans
  • Develop Advocates: Educate the Texas Silver-Haired Legislators to advocate for adoption of aging resolutions submitted to the Texas Legislature

Public Comments

You are invited to submit your concerns about aging issues or questions about TSHL. Questions will be answered by a TSHL member.

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Dates to Remember

January 30, 2018-TSHL Executive Committee meeting, Fort Worth
April 22-27, 2018-TSHL Legislative Session, Austin