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Executive Committee

Office - Speaker

I was elected to the Texas Silver-Haired Legislature in 2015 and have been a member of the Executive Committee for four years. I believe that I have attended every Executive Committee meeting, Orientation, Training, and Legislative session since joining TSHL. Plus, I participated in an extra weekend Training meeting, Town Hall, have spoken at senior and civic organizations on behalf of TSHL, and have taken part in Senior Expos displaying and explaining TSHL to attending seniors. I am a regular attendee of the Ark-Tex AAA Regional Area Council. I served on the Resolution Review (PRRP) committee in 2015-2016. When the office of Comptroller came open in July 2016, I applied for the position and have served as the Comptroller of TSHL for three years. As Comptroller, I created spreadsheets, reports, and tracking methods to keep members apprised of all budget issues. During the 2017 internal accounting review, no errors were found in the procedures or books of TSHL. Additionally, I served as the 2017-2019 TSHL Directory Ad Sales Director and co-editor. Through all of these activities, I have observed, studied, and learned much about how the TSHL organization conducts business in each area. I have met and communicated with all members of TSHL using various forms of communication, and have learned much from our members that will be useful during the next term of TSHL.

I have a rather eclectic education and professional background. My undergraduate degree was in Office Management and Secondary Education; in which I took courses ranging from educational psychology and student teaching to accounting, finance, management, and business practices. My first Master’s degree focused on course work on managing, budgeting, and policy analysis in the public sector as well as courses in adult education. My second Master’s degree consisted of course work leading to a degree in marriage and family therapy. While my work experience includes military, education, county government, and the accounting industry, I have had responsibility for developing, justifying, and implementing programs in most of my professional positions. My involvement with non-profit organizations, my experience being on the Boards of local charitable organizations, and my service on a local city council have honed my skills in management, communication, good financial practices, and working with volunteers.

I have decided to run for the office of Speaker of the TSHL for several reasons. First and foremost, I believe in the tenets and purposes of the Texas Silver-Haired Legislature and have a strong desire to assist in continuing to build on the accomplishments made over the last thirty-four years. TSHL has made great impacts on Texas legislators and seniors in Texas. I desire to continue in my contribution to continue that success. All TSHL members need to support TSHL using the strengths we have developed during our lifetimes. I have a lifetime of experience in positions of trust in the public and private sectors and am a firm believer in transparency in all matters in non-profit organizations. I have worked in government positions and the tax preparation industry where ethics are not just stressed and trained every year, but are expected at the highest level. I consistently maintain these ethical standards and will maintain the same standards as Speaker of the TSHL. Further, I have spent the last four years observing, working with, and learning from our current TSHL officers. Also, I have several ideas that will affect the way we conduct training, meetings, communication, and the like. These ideas should assist in energizing, educating, and communicating with our membership.

Further, I have the physical ability, the stamina, good health, and time to devote to this office and will be available to meet with or use any communication method available to discuss any aspect of this organization with any member.

With my recent work within TSHL, educational, professional, and volunteer backgrounds, I believe I am well suited to serve in the position of Speaker for the TSHL. Therefore, I am asking for your support so that I, in turn, will be able to support you and the TSHL in the most efficient, ethical, transparent, and accurate manner possible.

Rhonda Rogers