10th TSHL Session: Summary of Support Resolutions

The 9th TSHL adopted a total of 17 SR resolutions of 18 considered during the Legislative Session, conducted in the House Chambers, State Capital, September 16-20, 2002. The following chart is a listing of the SR resolutions with a non-direct impact on older Texans, identified by number, its resolve clause and priority.

Title and Resolve Statement
Oppose School Vouchers. That the 79th Texas Legislature oppose school vouchers.
Cuts in Local Health and Human Services. That the 79th Texas Legislature question the feasibility of the proposals of Texas Health and Human Services Commission concerning HB 2292 relating to cutting Medicaid dollars to senior citizens receiving mental health and mental retardation services, all community-based assistance, long-term care, and food stamps.
Use of CPT Code. That the 79th Texas Legislature enact legislation requiring all insurance companies doing business in Texas to include the CPT Code as part of the identification of any claim when corresponding with a client.
Casinos to Operate in Texas. That the 79th Texas Legislature take all action necessary to permit the establishment and operation of well-regulated casinos in the State of Texas and that all qualified operators be allowed to participate including American Indian Nations.
Maintain the Mental Retardation State Schools. That the 79th Legislature continue, with permanent legislation, the funding and support of the State Schools, their residents and their parents. The State must accept its responsibility for the care of those who are unable to care for themselves, those trapped in adult bodies, but with mental capacities of infants.
Separate Nursing Homes for Sex Offenders. That the 79th Texas Legislature enact legislation not to allow any registered sex offenders to be housed in Texas nursing homes, and that the state provide a separate and secure facility for the said sex offenders.
Notification of Stalker's Pending Release to Victim. That the 79th Texas Legislature enact a law requiring mandatory notification of a stalker's pending release to the victim for their safety and welfare.
Appoint Electors to Reflect Majority Vote. That the 79th Texas Legislature determine by referendum whether Texas citizens prefer the present "winner-take-all" system or one where electoral votes are allocated to the candidate who wins the popular vote in each congressional district, with the overall winner of the state's popular vote also getting the state's two Senatorial votes.
Stop Welfare Privatization. That the 79th Texas Legislature cause HHSC to review their proposal to privatize and utilize call centers.
Services during HHSC Transition. That the 79th Texas Legislature assure that money allocated for the development and maintenance of HB 2292 should not come from cuts to client services.
Recycle water from high volume industries. That the 79th Texas Legislature institute a program to recycle water from high volume industries.
Reliable electric services. That the 79th Texas Legislature continue to change, add to, or modify rules so they continue to be results-oriented and easily enforced while change to electric power competition in Texas continues as this will continue to provide reliable electric service for Texans, with adequate transmission line capacity and sufficient power generation at competitive costs to customers in the state of Texas.
Abusive nature of telemarketing recorded messages. That the 79th Texas Legislature pass legislation that requires no telemarketers to be able to leave recording on telephone answering machines.
Incoming cell phone costs. That the 79th Texas Legislature pass a law that no one be required to pay for incoming calls to a cell phone and that no one be required to pay for not having his/her cell phone number, name, or address listed in the directory without permission.
Prohibit conversion of public road to toll road. That the 79th Texas Legislature enact laws which prohibit the conversion of a public road to a toll road in a county until that county's voters have voted to allow the specific conversion.
Property taxes and road tolls. That the 79th Texas Legislature establish a date certain, allowing a reasonable transition period, after which property taxes and road tolls may be imposed or increased only by those taxing authorities whose members are elected by the public.
Franchise tax law. That the 79th Texas Legislature review the franchise tax law and corrections be made to said law to prevent the loss of this tax revenue.
Privately owned pay phones costs. That the 79th Texas Legislature pass legislation that requires privately-owned pay phone providers to post in a prominent place on the phone the charges that a customer may expect to pay, including a way for the customer to determine in advance what charges to expect for long distant charges.
Selling practices of cell phone companies. That the 79th Texas Legislature pass legislation that require cell phone service providers to cancel contracts if no local service is available, or cancel contract within 30 days without charge upon request of customer.
Restore Telecommunications Infrastructure Fund. That the 79th Texas Legislature restore the Telecommunications Infrastructure Fund (TIF) to its original status as dedicated, separate fund.
Prisoners to pay costs of incarceration. That the 79th Texas Legislature pass laws that will charge daily fees to pay for room and board, health care, and education during incarceration; that prisoners be provided with jobs in the prison system or community service or private enterprise when possible to earn their keep; and that all prisoners with less than high school education be required to go to school and be charged for their education.
State court judicial review of cases involving Medicaid and other public services. That the 79th Texas Legislature repeal Texas Government Code 2001.223(1) and allow Texas state court judicial review of final administrative decisions concerning the granting, payment, denial or withdrawal of Medicaid, food stamps, and/or Temporary Assistance for Needy Families.
Texas Guardianship Program. That the 79th Texas Legislature authorize HHSC to establish a statewide public guardianship program and require each county in Texas that has specifically allocated funds in its budget for guardianship services to contract with local qualified resources, under rules establish by HHSC, to serve as guardians for incapacitated individuals without family support, and to require the HHSC with the advice of the Guardianship Advisory Board to supplement these contracts with State funds and allow Judges with guardianship jurisdiction to participate in the supervision and control of the contracts with State management and oversight to ensure the well-being of the wards.
Large print of prescription samples. That the 79th Texas Legislature enact legislation to require all manufacturers issue with all drugs, including samples given patients by doctors or medical personnel, readable side effects and adverse reaction information printed in a minimum of 8 (eight) point, Times New Roman or Arial font, in order for recipients to be able to discuss more knowledgeably side effects with the doctor of issuance.
Restore support for Texas 2-1-1. That the 79th Texas Legislature restore the original local/state partnership and financial support to fully implement the technology, training and 24/7 access of the statewide 2-1-1 system by reinstating the 50% state dollars to match 50% raised at the local level and to channel other funds through this Texas based infrastructure to serve as the focal point and prescreening center for all state human services rather than creating another access system through private call centers.
Business development of Texas smaller towns. That the 79th Texas Legislature establish a date certain after which tax reductions may be offered as inducements to businesses to expand or re-locate only after voters in any jurisdiction exceeding 20,000 population consent to the specific inducement, and inducements by the state involving public funds must be spread equitably among cities and towns of all sizes.